Check-In & Check-Out Hours
Monday through Sunday
8:30am to 11:00am or
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Any pickup after 11:00am
will be charged the half-day rate.
Closed Holidays* (staff only)
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We accept Visa and mastercard
We accept Visa and Mastercard

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To ensure that your pet's stay at Holiday Tyme Pet Hotel is safe your pets must meet the following requirements:

  • AGE: All dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age or older.
  • SHOTS: All dogs must have up to date vaccinations. Owners must submit written proof that their pet is current on DHLPP, Rabies, K-9 Influenza and Bordetella/Kennel cough vaccinations. Cats must be current on FVRCP and Rabies. Flea and Tick programs are required for all pets.
  • BEHAVIOR: Pets who exhibit non-aggressive behavior are preferred however; we are here to help you, and are open to boarding pets with special personalities.
  • APPLICATION: All guests of the hotel are required to fill out a new form for every boarding stay to ensure we have the correct emergency, medical and feeding information.
  • RESERVATIONS: Required and based upon occupancy, we will accept last-minute reservations. Please give us plenty of advance notice if you want to change your boarding reservation. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged full fees.


Boarding has become a big part of many dogs’ lives, helping them better socialize with other dogs, and giving them a fun and interactive outlet for their sometimes boundless energy.  Cats also enjoy the same personal attention and care as their canine friends.  At Holiday Tyme Pet Hotel we are very proud of the clean, safe, and spacious accommodations your will pet will enjoy as our guest.  We encourage all new clients to take a tour of our facility and meet our team before your pet’s stay.  For dogs that are new to doggie day care/boarding, we offer a one-time free trial day.
Boarding - Doggy in Suitcase


Holiday Tyme Pet Hotel provides each guest with a raised bed and comfortable bedding.  If you want to bring bedding or an item so your pooch/kitty feels more at home you can. Please include your last name and your pet’s name on all items.  Note:  We will do our best to monitor the special items, but we can’t guarantee that your items will go home in the same condition as they came in. 
Doggy Sleeping


Included in your pet’s daily board rate are two food services featuring a premium pet food.  If your pet has special dietary needs, feel free to bring your pet’s favorite food along with serving instructions.  We cater to all pet nutrition styles including: organic, raw and frozen diets.   Holiday Tyme Pet Hotel provides all guests with stainless steel food and water bowls.
Raiding the Icebox


Boarding fees are based on a 24-hour period.  All days reserved during major holiday/peak periods will be charged even if you choose to pick your pet up early.  All fees are due at check out.

All prices are current to the last web posting. Please confirm prices when making appointments.

Standard Dog Suite $39/day
Double Occupancy Dogs
Two dogs together same owner)
Two Dogs Separate
(same owner)
King Suite (6'x10') $75/day
Standard Cat Suite $30/day
2 Cats together (Same Owner) $39/day
Two Cats Separate
(same owner)
Money Dog

Add-ons • Medication Fees

Pill/Spray/Cream $2.50 per administration
Ears $3.00 per administration
Special $5.00 per administration


Is your pet in need of an extreme makeover? At Holiday Tyme Pet Hotel we believe bathing and grooming are essential to maintaining a healthy pet. Our full service grooming spa includes herbal shampoo & ear wash, pawdicure, anal gland flush (if necessary), brush out and warm fluff-dry. Need a haircut? As part of our formal grooming service, our certified groomers will bathe and professionally style, shave "privates" and pads, trim nails and clean ears. Leave a shaggy pet with us in the morning and pick up a "best in show" in the afternoon.

All of our grooming services are available by daily appointment, or can be scheduled with boarding.

Doggy Groomed

Grooming Menu

Formal groom/cut $45 and up (Prices vary by breed and condition of pet's coat.)
Full Bath & Brush Out Starting at $30
Nail trim $10
Nail dremel (professional file) $14
Doggy Groomed
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